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How changing your mindset can change your career

The excitement you once had for your job just isn’t there anymore. Your work day seems more like a tedious march than an invigorating run. Challenges that once stimulated you now hold less appeal, and you deal with the same set of people, processes and problems every

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10 ways intelligent job seekers blow their interviews

The job interview is one of the most crucial components of a job search. In these lean economic times of long-term unemployment and sparse interview opportunities, it can be a make or break situation. With so much at stake, you’d think job seekers would be at their best

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Avoid the Top 10 Interview Mistakes

The best way to avoid the most common and dangerous interview mistakes is to think ahead and decide not to make them… Read on for a whistle-stop tour of the top ten interview clangers! 1. Lying Although it’s tempting, it doesn’t work. By all means gloss over

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